Top Picks: The Best Artificial Tears for Dry Eyes in 2023

How to Know Which Artificial Tears are Best for Dry Eyes

Artificial tears are a quick heal to provide comfort to the eyes. These artificial tears or eye drops are proven to alleviate discomfort by lubricating, healing, and reducing tear evaporation & inflammation in your eyes. 


However, with many available options, choosing the right eye drops for dry eye can be overwhelming.  To save you from unnecessary puzzlement and confusion, this article will guide you in determining which artificial tears are best for dry eyes. So, let’s get right to it! 

1. Understand the Types of Artificial Tears

Understanding the types of artificial tears is the first step when you don’t know which ones are best for dry eyes. So, let’s know them one by one: 

  • Eye Drops without Preservatives


Most artificial tears contain harmful preservatives such as Benzalkonium Chloride (BAK), which can damage the structure of the eye. That’s why using tear drops containing preservatives can be detrimental & counterproductive for treating dry eye symptoms. 


For such reasons, eye specialists prescribe preservative-free eye drops if you have to use artificial tears more than four times a day or if you have moderate or severe dry eyes. However, the prescription may differ from patient to patient.

  • Eye Drops With Preservatives


These tear drops for dry eyes contain preservatives that prevent harmful bacteria from growing inside the solution after the bottle or vial is opened. Generally, such artificial tears aren’t the cause of concern for mild dry eye symptoms and provide lubrication to the eyes. 

  • Allergy reducing Drops


Allergy-reducing teardrops are the best way to cure dry eye syndrome caused due to allergies. It’s so because these eye drops contain antihistamines that block the further production of histamines which is the primary irritant that makes your eyes itchy, watery and red.

Note:- No definite kinds of eye drops will work against all kinds of dry eyes. Better consult a specialist and understand your particular requirements.

2. Understand the Type of Dry Eye Condition

When it comes to knowing which artificial tears are the best for dry eyes, you must understand the type of dry eye condition you’re dealing with. Dry eyes can mainly be categorised into aqueous deficient dry eye (inadequate tear production), evaporative dry eye (poor tear quality), and mixed dry eye. 


The sole objective behind knowing your dry eye condition is that it’ll help you know the root cause of it, which can be treated with tear drops tailored to your dry eye condition. You’d need to visit an eye specialist or ophthalmologist to better understand your dry eye condition.

3. Look for Lubricating Ingredients

Lubrication is crucial in treating a particular dry eye condition. It’s so because, without proper lubrication, your eyes will be painful, uncomfortable, & itchy. Some ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, propylene, glycol, and glycerin, can work wonders by providing roundabout lubrication to your eyes. 

These powerhouse ingredients form a protective layer and retain lost moisture, reducing discomfort and dryness. So, the answer to which artificial tears are best for dry eyes will always include teardrops with lubricating ingredients.

4. Use Gels or Eye Ointments Before Bedtime

In the case of moderate or severe dry eyes, applying gel drops or ointments just before bedtime or upon waking alleviates the discomfort. 

These teardrops provide long-term relief by preventing excessive evaporation of eye moisture. 

5. Check for Contact Lens Compatibility:-

Are you someone who wears contact lenses? If yes, in that case, not all eye drops will be effective against dry eyes. For better protection & relief, rewetting drops for dry eyes are made for various contact lenses. Some eye drops are labelled “contact-lens friendly” or “safe for use with contact lenses.” 

Moreover, you can consult your eye doctor or an optometrist for the most suitable tear drops for your dry eye condition. The answer to which artificial tears are best for dry eyes will be zeroed in after taking care of all the above points and what your doctor has checked and suggested based on your present conditions.

6. Create a Usage Pattern (As per a Dry Eye Condition)

Different types of dry eyes, from mild to severe, require different teardrops. Not just that, the frequency of usage also differs from case to case. For instance, standard lubricating drops are used for mild cases of dry eyes, and thicker formulations are preferable for severe or chronic dry eye conditions.

So, to know which artificial tears are the best for dry eyes, it is necessary to know which teardrop will suit your usage frequency.

Steps to Find the Right Eye Drop For Your Dry Eyes!

Finding the right eye drop for your dry eyes is no longer daunting. Here is a step-by-step process to do this rightly –

Step 1 - Visit A Dry Eye Specialist

You’re in the habit of visiting the nearby pharmacy and getting an eye drop suggested by the pharmacist or your close friends. But that’s not the right way to go about it. You should get your eyes checked before applying eye drops.

Step 2 - Seek Personalised Consultation

Getting your eyes checked is one thing, and asking for a personalised consultation is another. In personalised consultation, your eye doctor will comprehensively understand your dry eye condition. This will enable the specialist to prescribe the eye drops that cater to your dry eye condition.

Step 3 - Take Necessary Tests for Comprehensive Dry Eye Diagnosis

Moving on to the next step, your eye doctor will perform various tests related to your dry eye condition. Some include Tear Break-up Time Test (TBUT), Schirmer’s Test, and Meibomian Gland Evaluation.


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Step 4- Find The Appropriate Eye Drop for Dry Eyes

Based on all the above results, your eye doctor will recommend eye drops according to your dry eye condition.

Find a Perfect Solution for Your Dry Eye Condition at Dr Ritika Dalal’s Clinic

We hope these exhaustive steps answer the question of which artificial tears are best for dry eyes. By following these steps and seeking professional advice, you can find the perfect eye drops to soothe your dry eyes and enjoy clear, comfortable vision again. 


Please visit our clinic or book an appointment with our eye specialists to find a robust solution for your dry eye complications. Eye-care specialist Dr Ritika Dalal is equipped to provide the most effective & technology-backed care for dry eye conditions.

We hope these insightful facts about Lasik make you feel more confident and informed if you consider undergoing this life-changing procedure. Remember to consult a qualified eye surgeon to determine your eligibility and explore the potential benefits of Lasik eye surgery for your vision needs. 

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