Home Remedies to Treat Eye Dryness

Treat Eye Dryness At Home

Are you tired of the pain and irritation caused by dry eyes? Discover effective ways to find relief for dry eyes with simple and natural home remedies. 

But first, let’s find out more about dry eye syndrome. 

Dry eye disorder is a common problem characterised by insufficient tear production or inadequate moisture to keep the eyes lubricated. It can cause discomfort and irritation and even affect vision if left untreated.  It is also called keratoconjunctivitis sicca or dysfunctional tear syndrome.

Dry Eye Syndrome affects approximately 300 million individuals worldwide. In India, it is predicted that by 2030, dry eye disease will affect approximately 40% of the urban population. Timely detection and treatment are crucial for this condition.


While various medical treatments are available for dry eyes, some effective home remedies can help alleviate dry eye symptoms and promote eye health. So here are some natural ways to reduce eye dryness.

Home Remedies for Your Dry Eye

Here is a list of effective home remedies for eye dryness – 

  1. Warm Compresses:

A warm compress can relieve different eye conditions by reducing irritation and inflammation caused by dry eyes. The heat from the compress can also stimulate the meibomian glands, leading to increased tear production. Additionally, closing your eyes while applying the warm compress allows them to rest and rejuvenate.

How to do it

Soak a clean cloth in warm water, wring out the excess, and place it over your closed eyelids for 5-10 minutes. Repeat as needed throughout the day.

  1. Massage:

Taking the time to pamper and care for your eyes can bring multiple benefits, including stress relief, improved blood circulation, and muscle relaxation in the eye area. While it’s important to avoid direct contact with the eyes, gentle massaging of the surrounding areas can positively impact how your eyes feel.

How to do it: Use your fingertips to gently apply light pressure around the eye sockets in circular motions. Start from the inner corners and move towards the temples, repeating for a few minutes to promote relaxation and relieve tension.

  1. Hydrate Yourself:

Did you know that 98% of your tears are water, BUT the remaining 2% consists of essential oils, salt, and over 1,500 types of proteins? 

 Insufficient water intake can significantly impact tear production and result in dryness.

How to do it: Try to have 6-8 glasses of water daily and hydrating fruits like watermelon or citrus. 

  1. Using Rose Water:

As we all know, rose water is renowned for its soothing properties, making it an excellent remedy for relieving eye irritation. 

How to do it:

Simply soak a cotton pad in rose water and gently place it over your closed eyes for a few minutes. These are simple and natural ways to make your eyes feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Cucumber cooling relief for dry eye
  1. Cucumber slices: 

Placing chilled cucumber slices on your closed eyelids gives your eyes a refreshing and soothing effect. This natural remedy provides comfort and promotes eye relief.

How to do it:

Place thin chilled cucumber slices over your closed eyelids and relax for 10-15 minutes.

  1. Humidifier:

Adding moisture to the air can help alleviate dryness and soothe your eyes.

How to do it:

Use a humidifier in your home, especially in dry environments or during winter.  This adds moisture to the air, creating a more comfortable environment for your eyes.

  1. Avoiding Irritants:

Avoiding exposure to smoke, allergens, and other irritants is essential to mitigate the worsening of dry eye symptoms. Wear protective glasses to shield your eyes from irritants in dusty or windy environments. Taking these measures will help you maintain eye comfort and reduce the impact of external factors on your dry eyes.

8 . Follow the 20-20-20 Rule:

When you spend hours in front of a computer for work or watching a long movie or TV series, it’s important to rest your eyes at frequent intervals. Including these short breaks in your routine can reduce eye strain and improve eye health while engaging in long visual tasks.

How you can do it:

Try the 20-20-20 rule: Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and look at something 20 feet away.

When to See an Ophthalmologist?

If you notice sudden or significant changes in your vision, it is important not to overlook them. Early diagnosis and timely treatment are essential for effective management when dealing with dry eye symptoms. 


Symptoms such as persistent eye discomfort, redness, itching, pain, irritation, or difficulty focusing should be taken seriously. 


Seeking prompt consultation with an ophthalmologist is crucial in such cases. They can assess the underlying cause and provide suitable recommendations for treatment.


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